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Issue 5: Winter/Spring 2014

Image of Issue 5: Winter/Spring 2014


In Issue #5, we visit a blind furniture maker in his wood shop in South Minneapolis, and a couple who turns their hoarding habit into an art.

We look at how Minnesota scientists cultivate the love life of apples, trace the journey of junk from Minnesota to China and back, and discover the surprisingly international appeal of Minnesota’s shopping malls.

We discuss the future of contemporary art with one of the Walker Art Centers youngest curators, and give you a first-hand account by the carpenter who built Chris Larson’s epic installation Love/Celebration/Loss only to see it burn in Downtown St. Paul last summer.


A Blind Furniture Maker | The Hidden History of Globalization | The Future of Art | The Love Lives of Apples Why We Love and Hate Malls | Chris Larson’s Arson